Everything has its consequences. Whatever you do, you cannot change your fate. But it’s better to fight than to sit back and wait for your fate to consume you. Due to your little mistake back in the state of Azad, the guardian of timeline, a terrible beast named “Dahaka” wants to end you. So set your ship, get some men, and travel to island of time in order to CHANGE YOUR FATE. Have a conversation with the dashing Empress of Time and try to prevent the creation of sands of time. But not everything always goes out as planned. So go and find out what fate has for you. And one thing, a little hesitation in exploring a certain spot can cost you a lot, you will realize that at the end of the game.

Same problem of camera movement, as in Sands of Time, will get on nerves here too. But same solution, you’ll get use to it. Warrior Within is much lengthier as compared to its predecessor, and sometimes you would get annoyed by the repetitions of the places you have explored before. Also there are some bugs, so sometimes you’ll need some real patience in order to find your way out of the situation. Soundtracks are great, I mean really GREAT, so as the Prince’s fighting skills. You have a long list of combos to crush your enemies.
The game received a positive response from the fans, but the addition of blood, scantily-clad female characters earned it a mature rating as compared to its predecessor. Jordan Mechner, the creator of Prince of Persia, was somewhat disappointed with the violence, saying that violence is not what he wanted to see. Mechner was not involved in the making of Warrior Within. Overall, the game got a good response from the fans with IGN and Gamespot giving it 8.6/10 and 8.3/10 respectively.

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