How to View/Read Protected Tweets

How to View/Read Protected Tweets on Twitter: Twitter is a social network, the most widely used social network in the world right now after Facebook. Unlike Facebook it is a microblogging platform where users can use "Tweets" of 140 characters. Twitter gives it users the option to protect their tweets, meaning only those users (followers) who are allowed by the user himself can view the Tweets. To others only the account is visible i.e Twitter name, number of people the account is following and followers.

But there are certain flaws in the Twitter code by which protected tweets can be viewed, here's how: To see the protected or private tweets of the user enter the following link in your broweser URL bar.

" "

Replace the "Usename" with the actual Twitter name of the user for which you want to gain access to protected/private tweets. The xml files contains the records of all the tweets.

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