Seven Must to do things in Skyrim

Since its launch, Skyrim has been a “heartthrob” of everyone despite its countless deficiencies (due to bugs). And with Bethesda promising that the player will never run out of quests in Skyrim, there are endless ways that you can choose to progress in the game. From hunting animals (without any purpose) to teasing undeads, only your imagination can limit you from trying out plenty of things from an endless list. However, despite infinite possibilities, Matthew Murray (lead analyst at PC Mag) suggests that there are 7 things that you should do (beside being overwhelmed by having too many choices) in the world of Skyrim. So lets not waste anymore time and checkout his list of must-to-do (or should-to-do) things. Its kinda old article so you might have done these things already but anyway.

Click here to checkout 7 to-do list of Matthew.

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