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Bullfrog Poker is one of the most played multiplayer games on Miniclip. It is a classic game of Texas Holdem Poker where you can sit-in at different tables depending on the buy-in option you take in the lobby.

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Buy-in Options

There are six buy-in options in the lobby which range from $600 to $100,000. The first table requires a buy-in of $600, the second one requires $1000, the third one $3000, fourth one $10,000, fifth one $50,000, and the sixth one requires a buy-in of $100,000. The rule is simple, the greater the buy-in, the more chances to bet big.

Joining options and initial chips

There are two options to join the Bullfrog Poker. The first option is to sit-in as a guest. This option has the least amount of benefits as you will only get $3000 worth of chips and you cannot save your progress. The second option is to sit-in as a registered user. This option will give you initial $5000 worth of chips, saves your progress, and you can win awards as well. Also, registered user gives you the flexibility to enjoy tournament competitions.

What if I lose all my chips?

If you are playing as a guest, you will get $3000 worth of chips every time you get short of minimum required chips to join the cheapest table. If you are a registered player, you’ll get $5000 worth of chips every time when you find yourself out of chips. Besides that, you can also buy chips if you are ready to spare some real cash.

Update: Bullfrog has withdrawn its policy of "chips refill". You will be out of the game for at-least a day if you don't have the minimum required amount to sit-in at the cheapest table (i.e. $600). So proceed with caution.

Cheats for Bullfrog Poker

You have to rely on your skills as there are no cheats to gain an unfair-advantage in Bullfrog poker.

Is Bullfrog Poker good to practice for Real-Life Poker Tournaments?

Not at all. Bullfrog Poker is just a game developed for fun. It is no way a good place to practice for real life poker tournaments. First of all, the players are not dealing with real money and secondly, a player gets replacement chips every time he/she loses his/her chips. So the players don’t care at all about their chips and most of the time you’ll see players going for blind hands (putting all their chips on the table for no reason) just for the sake of fun.

Pros and Cons of Bullfrog Poker

Bullfrog poker is an addictive game in which you can kill your leisure time without worrying about outcomes. You can enjoy it with a mediocre internet connection since it is quite lightweight. But Bullfrog Poker has very limited features which makes it a bit inferior as compared to other online poker games like Zynga Poker.

Anyway, if you are looking to have some fun and going to test your luck, Bullfrog Poker can be the right choice for you (though poker is not a game of luck as pros would tell you but Bullfrog Poker surely is).

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