Top 10 PC Games of 90s || Best PC Games of 90s

The last decade of the 20th century can be described as the golden decade in the history of video games. Not only the gamers saw some exceptional stuff in the form of quality video games but also that decade put the whole gaming industry on a solid track. It is not erroneous to say that 90s was the time when video games industry was properly established.

Anyway, here we have compiled some of the best PC games that got released in that golden decade. Note that there is plethora of quality stuff that emerged in that era, so don’t get angry if you don’t find your favorite title in the list.


Genre: First Person Shooter

Developed by: id Software
Published by: id Software

1993: senators were discussing the possible impact of violent video games not only on children but on adults too. At that time, Mortal Kombat was a critical hit on SEGA Genesis Home Video Game System and it was on the top of everyone’s wish list. The senators were quite rattled at the blood and gory the game had to offer but were, at the same time, also astonished to see it (MK) being the darling of every kid (MK sold over 6.5 million copies at that time). And to make matters even worse for them (senators), the DOOM arrived.

Doom was not just a video game; it was a lifestyle and perhaps, the most popular one at that time. Network administrators at various organizations were perplexed to save their networks over swarm of gamers dying to get a spot in multiplayer death matches. Universities had to issue notices terming the Doom Death Matches as illegal. Even some had to treat it as a virus and made counter softwares that deleted any copy of Doom they found on their networked computers. At the launch of the game, id Software joked that the game would be the #1 cause for lack of productivity. And it turned out that they were “not joking”.

Doom can be termed as the game that gave multiplayer-gaming a whole new brand.

Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

Genre: Action/Role-Playing, Open World

Developed by: Bethesda Softworks
Published by: Bethesda Softworks

Just like Elder Scrolls vs. Skyrim is a hotshot in today’s gaming arena, Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall was also a sweetheart of gamers at that time. According to Bethesda, the scale of the game was about 487,000 sq. km, twice the size of Great Britain. You can play it for weeks but you can never say that you have explored every corner of the map.

Achieving critical acclaim with couple of awards, Daggerfall is available for free (yes, for free) at Bethesda Website. So give it a try if you think you have the stamina to explore every place on the map. Bon voyage.

Star Wars: Dark Forces

Genre: First Person Shooter

Developed by: LucasArts
Published by: LucasArts

Battle droids, star troopers, advanced fighting humanoids; welcome to the world of Star Wars. Though not a success on PlayStation, the game was received warmly by PC gamers across the world (yes, I’m talking about our world). With 300,000 copies sold at the launch day, Dark Forces was also a commercial success and thanks to the mod community, the game remained one of the most entertaining entities of the 90s.

Wolfenstein 3D

Genre: First Person Shooter

Developed by: id Software
Published by: Apogee Software

Wolfenstein 3D was credited to be the one of the earliest FPS games that earned widespread attention. This was the first big hit that brought id Software under the spotlight. The plot was simple; you assume the role of William B.J. Blazkowicz, an American spy who was captured and was locked in Castle Wolfenstein, Allied prisoners worst nightmare. Your job was simple, escape from the castle and mow down any enemy soldier that came in your way. After your escape, you were tasked to unleash your fury on Nazi war machine and your final task was to kill the Hitler.

After so many years, Wolfenstein still lives in the hearts of many FPS lovers, particularly in the hearts of old-ones.

Grand Theft Auto

Genre: Action/Adventure

Developed by: DMA Design
Published by: Take 2 Interactive

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) was one of the most loved as well as loathed game of the 90s. The game, though a commercial success, received quite mixed reviews. One group praised its sandbox genre and its simple plot while the other one termed it as the “cancer” aimed to corrupt young minds. The game’s graphic theme and in-game brutality was criticized quite a lot by mainstream media and they also called for an immediate ban on the game. Nevertheless, the game survived and GTA franchise is one of the most popular franchises in the video game entertainment world.

Quake 3

Genre: First Person Shooter

Developed by: id Software
Published by: Activision

Quake franchise was one of the most successful franchises of all time as all its titles received huge acclamation by reviewers as well as by gamers. Quake set the tone for the franchise, Quake II solidified it, and Quake III ensured that the franchise is something you could never turn away from your radar. It’s not a surprise that Quake 3 was one of the most addictive multiplayer titles which glued the gamers to their screens with its fast paced action. Commercially and critically, Quake 3 was a huge success.

Half Life

Genre: First Person Shooter

Developed by: Valve Software
Published by: Sierra On-Line

When Valve came with the idea of Half Life, it found initially that there was no one willing to take the role of publisher as most of the publishing companies termed their project as “too ambitious”. Finally, Sierra On-Line took the initiative and decided to sign the game. I bet after the release of the game, Sierra would be patting on its back considering the acclaim the game earned at that time.

Half Life is widely credited as the first game that defined the First Person Shooter genre which we see in modern FPS games. At that time, the story of FPS games was generally described by cut-scenes but Half Life described it through first person sequences which gave players a feel that they were actually the part of the story.

Half Life received over 50 video games awards and performed extremely well both critically as well as financially.

Counter Strike

Genre: First Person Shooter

Developed by: Valve Software
Published by: Vivendi Universal Games

Who would have though that a freely distributable mod can become one of the hottest PC games. A simple Half Life mod, Counter Strike entered the PC gaming arena by storm and, quite frankly, is still quite popular even today. Counter Strike was not just a mod, it was a culture whose elite members were treated with respect across the whole gaming community.


Genre: Action/RPG

Developed by: Blizzard North
Published by: Blizzard Entertainment

Looking at the success of Diablo franchise, Blizzard Entertainment must be thinking what a wise decision they made about the purchase of Condor Games (Condor Games was renamed as Blizzard North after the deal). Though Condor was an unknown entity at that time, it made headlines when it released Diablo, one of the most acclaimed game of all time.

Diablo puts you into the shoes of a lone hero who set his journey to hell in order to get rid of Diablo and his evil machinations. Fighting your way through terrifying monsters, you finally get to face Diablo in hell. During the journey, you find certain items that help you in your journey.

Diablo was an extreme success not only financially but also critically. Most of the reviewers praised its storyline, gameplay, and dark atmosphere. Diablo surely paved the way for its successors and ensured that it can be a successful franchise.

Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness

Genre: Real Time Strategy

Developed by: Blizzard Entertainment
Published by: Blizzard Entertainment

Warcraft: Orcs and Humans was a quality game with solid reviews and critical praise. But it was Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness that laid the foundation stone of the Warcraft franchise. The game won several PC awards as well as achieved extremely positive reviews and sold over 2 million copies in just a year.

Warcraft 2 improved quite a lot in terms of gameplay and in-game mechanics which resulted in much more user-friendly experience. Compared to its predecessor, Warcraft 2 also had land and air units so players had to improve their strategic plans to defend their bases as well as utilize the services of these units to get an edge while advancing.

Warcraft 2 definitely defined not only the Warcraft franchise but also the Blizzard style of RTS games.

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