| Play Free Online Games is one of the largest sites containing free online games which you can enjoy in your leisure time. Just like Miniclip, Agame is also a treasure chest for those who are looking for some quality free games to kill their spare time. And for those who eat and breathe casual games, can also easily feed their hunger.

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Who Created
Peter Driessen and Bennie Eeftink was established by Spil Games (formerly known as Spill Group) which is a huge community of websites offering free games. Spil Games was established by two young and visionary Dutch entrepreneurs, Peter Driessen and Bennie Eeftink, in 2001. They rightfully judged that the causal games market has enormous potential and casual games category will become the most popular category in video games. And they should be patting their backs right now as their idea has turned into a goldmine now.

Multiple Games Categories/Genres contains a plethora of games in multiple categories so that every casual game lover can find his/her favorite game. Be it Racing, Sports, Action, MMO, Adventure, Strategy; Agame has the answer for every question.

No Registration Required At doesn’t demand that you should create an account to enjoy its games. You can play with a guest account but it is highly recommended that you should create an account as it will not only let you save your game progress but will also make you eligible to earn awards. And creating an account is not a problem at all as your Facebook id can do the job for you.

Games Are Cross-Platform And Lightweight

Whether you have a desktop PC with MS Windows as installed OS or you have a MacBook Pro, you can play games without any fuss. No need to install a script, no need to download some sort supporting software, just go to and you are good to go irrespective of your platform. And Agame is now also available on your smartphones so if you are waiting for a bus at bus-stop or waiting for the dinner to be served at your favorite restaurant, you can kill those annoying moments by enjoying your favorite games at

Rate Your Favorite Game

Agame also lets you rate the game you are playing so that other gamers know which games are worth to try and which ones are worth to pass. So rate your favorite game to let it become the best rated game at

Beware: Games Are Highly Addictive contains highly addictive games that can make you glued to your screens for hours. So if your boss is becoming angry at you or your spouse is getting frustrated by your behavior, you should guess then that you have been “infected” by Agame games. So enjoy games and have a happy leisure time.

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