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Check out the list of websites where you can play some of the most popular free online cricket games.

5. CW Cricket

CW Cricket is a fun cricket game that you can play to have some quality leisure time. Create an account and get ready to set the guns blazing in 5, 10 or 20 overs ODI matches or test yourself in tournament mode where you’ll start against minnows but will get yourself tested as you progress. And when you think you are ready to take over the world, try challenging your pals in a quick multiplayer game. A must try if you are a cricket fanatic like me.

Click Here to play CW Cricket.

4. Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket is one of the most popular online cricket games where you can test your batting and bowling skills in multiple scenarios. You can enjoy some cricket in single player mode or can have a go against your pals in multiplayer mode.

Click Here to play Stick Cricket.

3. The Ashes

Do you think you can change the outcome of the Ashes series in favor of your team? Try The Ashes then. Choose your country (England or Australia) and prepare to master the opponent’s neck-breaking bouncers, deceiving googlies, and off-breaking stunners.

The game has two modes to test your technique and timing. In challenge mode, you will be assigned different tasks and you’ll have to utilize your skills to successfully complete those tasks. In arcade mode, you can choose single player mode to have a match against the AI or can choose multiplayer mode to challenge your friend.

Click Here to play The Ashes

2. Howzat

Howzat is a mighty juggernaut in the category of online cricket games. It is one of the best online cricket games I have played ever. Just create an account using your Facebook id, select your team and prepare to take over the world. Not only you can enjoy some quality cricket in single player mode but you can also test your skills against your friends and other Facebook users in multiplayer mode.

Once you get used to the controls, there is no stopping. The game is highly addictive so “proceed with caution”.

Click Here to play Howzat.

1. Cricket Power

The top online cricket game in our list is the official ICC World Cup 2011 game “Cricket Power”. Technically the best online game I have seen so far. Choose your country and lead your team to the zenith of glory.

You can try net practice mode (without any cost) to master the art of bowling and batting. And when you think you are ready to rule the world, you can pay a very small registration fee to unlock the complete features of the game.

Click Here to play Cricket Power.

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