Who Unfollowed Me On Tumblr | Follower Tracker

Who Unfollowed me On Tumblr is one of the most important and in demand tools for Tumblr users. The tool lets you find out who has unfollowed you on Tumblr.

There are plenty of unfollow trackers for Twitter but not many for Tumblr, in most cases you have to copy some script in your HTML to keep track of followers/unfollowers.

This simple widget allows you to track followers/unfollowers in three different ways.

1. Who Unfollowed Me
2. Who Followed Me
3. Who is not following you back

You just need to authorize the application from your Tumblr account and you can have all the details with just one click whenever you want.

The name of this app is Tumblr Stalkr and can be user here.


Tumblr Stalkr is down for the time being. Right now, the best alternate (and probably the most popular option) to check who unfollowed you on Tumblr is FriendorFollow. You can use it for free by clicking here.

You can also use xkit-extension as an alternate. Click here to check out xkit.

Here is another alternate if you are interested.

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