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8 Ball Pool (commonly known as 8-ball or Eight-ball) is one of the most popular versions of snooker in the entire world. The game is not only popular in the real world but is also one of the hottest games in the online gaming world. It is the most popular game on Miniclip (Miniclip.com), the largest online gaming website, so you can get a hint how much 8 Ball is popular in the whole world.

8 Ball Pool Rules

8 Ball Pool is played with a total of sixteen balls (and of course on a snooker table) of which one is called the cue ball and the rest are known as object balls. The object balls consist of one black ball and fourteen colored balls, seven of which are of solid color while the remaining seven are stripped.

One of the players break the rack with the break shot and the players are assigned one set of balls (solid colored or stripped) after one of the balls from a particular group is legally pocketed.

To win the game, you have to pocket the black ball which is legally possible only after you have pocketed all colored balls from your set. Pocketing black ball before pocketing all the colored balls of your set is a violation of the rules and will result in your opponent’s victory. You will also lose the game if you pocket the black ball (legally) and cue ball also gets pocketed afterwards.

During the game, your opponent will take turn if you fail to pocket a ball from your set. You will take back turn if your opponent misses to pocket at least a single ball from his/her set of balls.

8 Ball Pool on Miniclip

I must say that the online version of 8 ball pool that is available on Miniclip (Miniclip.com) is extremely addictive and highly fun to play. You will compete against live players and your job is simple; win whatever it takes. If your opponent leaves during the game, you will be declared the winner.

You can customize your environment by changing the color/design of the table and by getting a stick with different design. However, you’ll need Miniclip coins to make a purchase and you can get Miniclip coins by real cash. Note that you’ll not get any advantage by using custom sticks or tables so my suggestion is to not waste money on useless items.

You can compete against unknown players as well as against your friends. It is totally your choice.

Miniclip 8 Ball Pool Cheats

There are no cheats for 8 Ball Pool at Miniclip so stop wasting your time finding one and improve your skills to perform better.

So prepare yourself and tell the world that you are the master of 8 Ball Pool.

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