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Most amongst us would argue that a gaming keyboard is not a necessity and some might even say that it is just a mere waste of money. But ask any hardcore gamer and he’ll tell you how much a gaming keyboard can be advantageous especially if you are a multiplayer junkie. So if you are in the league of those who believe that their gaming experience is incomplete without a proper gaming keyboard, take a look at some of the best gaming keyboards (of 2012) that will surely give you an edge over your competitors during a fast paced death match in your favorite FPS game, during an action packed friendly match against your buddy in FIFA Soccer, or even during single player games.

Logitech G110

You gotta have to admit that Logitech is a well renowned name when it comes to computer peripherals. They are in the arena for quite a long time and they are admired and respected because of their quality products. So when it comes to quality gaming keyboards, Logitech G110 is surely one heck of a product.

Due to its superior design and plethora of features, the G110 is an excellent choice for those who live and breathe video games. The design has been created so that you can have multiple hours of intense gaming experience without feeling any strain on your wrists. And if you prefer to play games in dark environments, the keyboard has quite comfortable backlighting so that you have no problems to see the keys. You can also adjust the backlight color from red to blue and can also adjust the brightness according to your requirements.

Like all modern gaming keyboards, the G110 also comes with the ability to turnoff the “Windows key” as it can be quite a nuisance during the game. The keyboard is equipped with Anti Ghosting feature so make any move by using any set of combination; you’ll never hear the dreaded “beep” sound which you hear when you press multiple keys simultaneously on a standard keyboard.

The top right side hosts media keys with a scroll wheel (like those on a mouse) for volume control. Overall, this product has everything a gamer could wish in his/her gaming keyboard along with the fact that it wears a reasonable price tag. So if you are looking for a solid gaming keyboard with plenty of features, give it a try.

Saitek Cyborg V.7

Cyborg has been a real deal when it comes to gaming peripherals; be it gaming mice, headsets, keyboards, flight sticks, etc. And when it comes to top quality gaming keyboards, Cyborg has a very solid product, the Saitek Cyborg V.7 gaming keyboard.

From design to features, V.7 has practically everything that a gamer would want in a gaming keyboard. The keyboard looks a touch different from your regular one but not enough that you’ll need a year to get used to it. With macro keys placed on the both sides, V.7 gives quite an advantage to right handers as they can access the keys using their thumb (assuming that they place their mouse on the right side of their keyboards). Note that there are a total of 12 macro keys so hopefully, you’ll never run out of combinations.

The keyboard is equipped with Saitek Smart Technology (SST) so that you can define your own macros and set them to keys. And it is also equipped with Anti-Ghosting technology so you’ll never have to worry about anything when pressing multiple keys simultaneously. The most commonly used gaming keys, like arrow keys, spacebar key, “WASD” keys, and numpad keys, can be lit separately so you’ll never have mix them with others during a fast paced game.

In the end, if you are looking for a decent gaming keyboard, Saitek Cyborg V.7 can be the “one”.

SteelSeries 7G

The SteelSeries 7G gaming keyboard is a solid built, multi-feature gaming keyboard suitable for fast paced gaming experience. Equipped with gold plated PS/2 and USB connectors coupled with mechanical switches (also gold plated), 7G is considered as one of the best gaming keyboards with highest attainable Actions Per Minute (APM). For those who are hardcore RTS (Real Time Strategy) gamers, good APM is like one of the most important ingredients to be successful in a RTS game.

The other thing which is quite remarkable in this keyboard is its built. It is heavy, it is solid, and manufacturers bet that the keyboard has a lifetime of about 50 million key presses. Being heavy is an advantage since it won’t move from its place when you are busy in an intense gaming activity.

SteelSeries 7G is armed with “extreme” Anti Ghosting technology. In simple words, you can press every key on the keyboard simultaneously and they all will be registered. This feature, combined with higher APM, is something that makes it truly a juggernaut in best gaming keyboards category.

However, as they say, quality (most often) doesn’t come cheap. The biggest drawback of SteelSeries 7G is its price tag. So if you think you do have enough cash and are not willing to compromise on quality, give this keyboard a try.

Razer Lycosa

The thing I really admire about Razer guys is their level of confidence on their products. Razer has been sponsoring its own gaming teams for quite a while which, using Razer equipment, take part in gaming competitions. And, quite frankly, they have won plenty of them. I have to say that this is one of the best ways to earn gamers’ trust.

Anyway, Razer has some of the best products in the market and Lycosa is definitely one of them. From style to comfort to features, this keyboard has almost all the ingredients that a gamer would demand in his/her keyboard.

To start with, Lycosa has all the common features that a gaming keyboard should have like backlighting, Anti Ghosting feature, high APM, and “Windows Key” disable functionality. The keyboard also has the option to illuminate the only “WASD” keys; however, Razer missed the trick by not placing an option to adjust the brightness of the backlight. Still, the backlight is good enough to see the keys in rooms that are hosted by dim lights.

When it comes to design, Razer Lycosa is probably one of the best in business. Though small in size, the keyboard doesn’t give you any feeling that the keys have been packed together. The small size has quite an obvious advantage i.e. it will take less space on your desk as compared to other keyboards. The keyboard hosts USB 2.0 hub along with 3.5mm headset ports. Each and every key is programmable so you can define as many combinations as you want and can have multiple profiles so that you can save different macros and can call them whenever required.

Overall, Lycosa is a strong contender in the list of best gaming keyboards and if you are planning to get one, give it a thought at least. Note that initially some customers complained about some issues regarding this product. These issues, according to Razer, have been fixed.

Microsoft SideWinder X6

Microsoft is a well renowned name primarily due to its popular Windows Operating System, Xbox 360, and other well renowned software products. But they are entering in video games hardware market and have introduced couple of decent gaming keyboards. And SideWinder X6 is surely a fine product to consider.

Most of the gamers use numpad keys for primary in-game functions like movement in FPS games or as action keys in fighting games and for those who are left-handed, using numpad is quite uncomfortable on normal keyboards. Considering this in mind, the X6 comes with adjustable numpad i.e. you can adjust it on either side of the keyboard according to your requirement.

One feature that you can only find in Microsoft Keyboards is Cruise Control. With this feature, you can repeat an action i.e. an action which you have to do by pressing a key repeatedly or by pressing it for a long time. The backlight is good enough to help you detect the keys in a dim environment so that your gaming experience doesn’t get affected.

X6 allows you to have multiple profiles so that you can save multiple macros for different games. Though it has only 6 programmable keys, key banks allow you to have as many macros as you want.

Overall, SideWinder X6 is a solid product with multiple features and you’ll be quite content with your investment if you decide to go for it.

SteelSeries Shift

SteelSeries Shift is another decent gaming keyboard with quite remarkable features and a reasonable price tag. The design supports interchangeable keysets so that you can have your choice of formation according to your requirements. The keyboard is fully customizable and every key is programmable so that you can have the perfect combinations according to your comfort. You can also record macros on-the-fly and can assign them to 8 hotkeys with three unique layers (so a total of 24 keys).

The keyboard hosts in and out microphone ports (said to be gold plated) and 2 USB 2.0 hubs. The keyboard can be set to three different heights so that you can operate at whatever angle you are comfortable with.

Overall, the keyboard is a solid product with a reasonable price tag so keep this one in mind when making a decision.

Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Rapid

Cooler Master, though not a well renowned company, produces some top-notch products that deserve your attention. And if you are looking for a perfect gaming keyboard, they have a very solid product that will meet all of your requirements.

Simple in design, the CM’s Storm QuickFire Rapid utilizes Blue Cherry MX Switches so that you don’t have to press the keys hard to get the response recognized. The simplicity in design ensures that you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting familiarization with the layout. So if you are looking for a high quality gaming keyboard and are not worried about the company’s name, Storm QuickFire Rapid is surely worth your money.

Logitech G510

The G510 by Logitech is surely one heck of a product in the gaming arena. Due to its unique features along with the standard features that today’s gaming keyboards have, G510 is a juggernaut in the industry.

To start with, the keyboard hosts a GamePanel LCD so that you can view in-game stats without leaving the game even for an instant. It also has customizable backlighting feature so that you can set the brightness and the color of light according to the situation and your taste. With game/desktop mode switch, you are protected from accidental “Windows Key” press which, quite frankly, is a very annoying experience (if you know what I mean).

G510 comes with 18 programmable hot keys (known as G-Keys). You can record macros on-the-fly, without any need to exit the game. The keyboard has Anti Ghosting feature, meaning that you will not hear the dreaded “beep” sound while pressing multiple keys simultaneously.

In the end, G510 is a solid product and considering the thing that Logitech is behind this, I can say that you will be in safe hands if you do consider to go with it.

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate (Dragon Age II)

This baby knows how to please its master. From fully programmable keys to individual key backlighting option, Blackwidow Ultimate has everything any gamer would dream in his/her keyboard.

With full mechanical keys, superior tactility, and optimized actuation force of 50g, Blackwidow ensures that your commands get executed faster and you have an edge (“unfair advantage” in Razer’s terms) against your competition. You can record macros on-the-fly and can switch between 10 different profiles without any trouble.

In short, this product has everything that you can demand in a gaming keyboard, plus it also has some extra features to give you the “unfair advantage”. Give it a try; you won’t be disappointed.

Corsair Vengeance K90

Corsair’s Vengeance K90 is a quality gaming keyboard not only from features wise but also due to its solid built. Equipped with 18 programmable G-keys, anti ghosting technology, and Cherry MX Red Mechanical key switches, Vengeance K90 has everything that a gamer would wish for in his/her gaming keyboard. Its strong built is one of its greatest features (perhaps the standalone feature that makes Vengeance K90 special) so if you are looking for a durable product without any compromise on functionality, give this keyboard a try.

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