Is Eddie Murphy Dead | What Happened to Eddie Murphy

Man you're tough
Is Eddie Murphy Dead? The American comedian was said to be on a vacation in Switzerland where he died in a fatal Snowboarding accident. The news quickly became one of the hottest trending topics on Twitter where scores of people were shocked to learn that the 51 year old actor/comedian was no longer with them. Even someone edited the article about him on Wikipedia and stated that the actor had died in a snowboarding accident which caused a huge panic among the actor’s huge fanbase.

However, the story of the death of Eddie Murphy was a hoax. In the past, too, Eddie was pronounced “dead” at least four times and the cause of his death was the same as of this time i.e. snowboarding accident. His death claim, as mentioned at Wikipedia, was quickly removed by Wikimedia officials.

So chill out guys, Eddie is still alive and kicking and you don’t have to worry about anything, at least for the time being.

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