10 Most Weird and Crazy Inventions

Human brain is, perhaps, the strangest and most complex thing ever known to mankind. Sometimes, it generates ideas that benefit the whole humanity while sometimes it comes up with blueprints for stuff that creates mayhem and destruction. But most of the time, it comes up with ideas to lie, deceive and portray stuff in a matter suitable for its carrier. Anyway, I’m not here to bore you with political and physiological crap so lets take a look at some of the most weird and crazy inventions that the humans have ever seen.

Daddy Nurser

We all know that this is the age of gender equality but some Japanese guys took it too seriously. So say hello to Daddy Nurser, a product that lets men breast-feed their kids artificially. Though I am a supporter of the gender equality but this is way ahead of the “red line” (and also quite hilarious).

Anti-Flatulence Underwear

Great news for all farters. Now you can fart in public without worrying about the consequences i.e. smell. Anti-Flatulence Underwear comes with a replaceable charcoal filter that captures bad smelling gases before they escape. But beware; this underwear is not at all soundproof so go for a silent blast if you really have to do it. And please, try not to shit in it.

Ever Ready Tissues

Have you caught a cold? Are you always short of tissues? Don’t worry my friend, let Ever Ready Tissues help you. Just wrap it around your head and kiss you worries goodbye. But it might make you look like a clown going to a local circus to perform his/her gig. So if you don’t give a sh** about people, give it a try (just for the record, I would never recommend it).

Cat Walk Detect Software

How many times have your cat ruined your office document, which you had typed painstakingly, by walking on your computer’s keyboard? Not to worry anymore as some guy has developed a software that issues a warning whenever it detects “cat-like typing”. But keep one thing in mind; next time you decide to teach your keyboard a lesson, just remember that there is “someone” who believes that you are a cat.


There are many pet owners who are quite hesitant to neuter their pets so someone named “Gregg Miller” came with a noble idea. He invented Neuticles, the artificial testicles for pets. These testicles, though do nothing, look exactly same as real ones do. His creation won him the IG Noble Prize (a parody of Nobel Prizes) so I guess not a bad effort after all.

Subway Chin Rest

What is the best place to take a nap? Home? Office? Well it depends but a Japanese guy thinks that taking a nap during your journey in subway trains is the best deal. So he created Subway Chin Rest that lets you rest your chin (as the name suggests) and take a “deep nap”. But don’t take it too deep otherwise you could miss your stop.

Teen Repellent

You must have heard about mosquito repellants but have you ever heard about teen repellent? Guess what, the product exists and (according to some reviews) is quite handy. The device generates a high frequency, highly annoying sound that teenagers can hear but adults can’t. A solid investment for parents that have irritating teens, isn’t it?

Chopsticks Fan

Tired of cooling your food to eatable level? Why not give a chance to Chopsticks Fan. These are simple chopsticks but have attached battery-operated fans that will do the cooling job for you. Sounds interesting don’t you think?

Subway Hat

The concept of Subway Hat is somewhat similar to Subway Chin Rest. The working I guess is quite clear from the picture so I guess I should not waste time on it and move on to next one.

Child Birth Aiding Apparatus

The concept behind this crazy monster was to aid women during child birth by utilizing centrifugal force. Here is the patent number if you want to dig deep what really was in the minds of George and Charlotte Blonsky when they decided to create something like it (US Patent #3,216,423).

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