5 Popular Motorcycle Racing Games For Xbox 360

This is a guest post written by Brenda Lyttle.

Do motorcycle races increase your adrenaline and get you all pumped up? Then, what are you waiting for! Grab the Xbox 360 and get the fast-paced racing action from the popular motor racing games. There are new games being developed every day but not all can give you a thrilling real life action on the virtual platform. The top five motorcycle racing games for Xbox 360 are:

1. Grand Theft Auto IV

The popularity of Grand Theft Auto is due to the strong plot line, graphics and its raw and gritty nature. You can choose from a large variety of vehicles, including cars, choppers, racing bikes and motor cycles. You are a member of an underworld gang and you ride across the city in your chosen vehicles, shooting and killing your rival gang members.

2. MotoGP 10/11

The popularity of the MotoGP 10/11 is the use of the artificial intelligence. It gives you a unique style as a rider, making your gaming experience, realistic. You can take part in the MotoGP circuit where you get to race on 17 racetracks. You also get to choose your motorcycle from among the top manufactured bicycles in the market. You can choose a variety of game modes -- the arcade, two-player mode, where you can play alongside another player on a split screen, career mode and even play the game online with other players.

3. SBK X

If you are an ardent fan of the World Superbikes Championship, then SBK X is the game for you. You can play as your favourite World Series rider and beat their records. The popularity of the game is due to its magnificent graphics. The track changes with the change in the weather condition during the race. The importance placed on simulation and the fact that you can play and compete with fifteen other players in the online version of the games makes it popular.

4. Midnight Club: Los Angeles

If you prefer street racing more, then you should play Midnight Club: Los Angeles. This game will let you race around the streets of Los Angeles on your speeding motorbikes. There are gory accidents and wrecks, but they will only enhance your virtual racing experience. There are over 300 races for you to choose from.

5. MX vs. ATV Reflex

If you love motor dirt-racing, then the game for your Xbox 360 is MX Vs ATV Reflex. Unlike other races where you get familiarized with the course with time, this game offers something new every time you play it. In this game, you race around dirt tracks which change during the course of the race. The dirt track is carved out by the riders and this makes you figure out new routes. This makes the game popular as you never know what to expect and the course doesn’t lose its interest even you have gone around it many times.

Start racing and let your fingers speak for you as you improve levels and gather a high score. You can try out all of these games listed above and a lot more at motorbike dash games.

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