Best Budget Headphones 2011-2012

Whether you are an average pc user looking for some decent equipment for your Skype calls or an audiophile looking for a hi-fi beast; in both cases, you are looking for good quality headsets. But finding a decent headphone that doesn’t lighten your wallet way too much without compromising on performance is surely a Herculean task. But have no fear; check out these budget headphones that neither have any performance related question marks nor they disturb your monthly budget.

Audio Technica ATH-M30

Audio Technica is a well recognized name in the field of designing & manufacturing professional headphones, headsets, microphones and other audio equipment. And when it comes to a great quality headphone with a reasonable price tag, try ATH-M30 Professional Headphones. Simple & comfortable design, well-built, and most importantly, exceptional performance, ATH-M30 is a must try if you are looking for high performing headphones.

Panasonic RP-DJS400K

The dashing Panasonic DJS400K is for those who want a sturdy companion for their audio requirements without any compromise on quality. Available in multiple colors, these headphones are quite comfortable and can be used for long hours without any strain on your ears (that might not be the true in some particular cases, however). And the best part, they wore a very reasonable price tag. So give them a try, you’ll not gonna be disappointed.

Koss PortaPro

The PortaPro headphones by Koss are one of the best portable headphones available in the budget headphones category. Apart from its superior sound quality and eye-catching price tag, the best feature of PortaPro is its collapsing capability which ensures maximum portability. The headphone also has two adjustable temporal-comfort zone pads to shift the pressure and perfectly balance the ear plates on your ear, a solid indication of the level of comfort that it can provide. Style may be a bit outdated for some, but it is a fact that the design is still admired by many. So long story short, PortaPro can be a great investment considering the fact that Koss provides lifetime warranty on PortaPro headphones.

Philips O’Neill

The Philips O’Neill is one of the most durable headphones in the budget headphones category. Under normal circumstances, these headphones will be quite faithful; however, if you are looking to test your muscle strength, that’s another scenario. When it comes to comfort and performance, O’Neill will at least keep you satisfied if not excited. So if you are looking for a decent budget headphone, give this one a try. 

Sony MDR ZX300

Simple in style, high quality sound output, and a striking price tag; say hello to Sony’s MDR ZX300 headphones. Starting with, these headphones have excellent sound output with bass as special feature. Decent built and a remarkable price tag, these headphones are surely going to keep you content for a long period of time.

MEElectronics HT-21

The HT-21 by MEElectronics is one of the finest products in the budget headphones category. Though the headphones have decent sound output and comfortable design, they are somewhat average built. But that’s not a worry since MEElectronics provide a one year warranty with them. So if you are looking for a “super” budget headphone with satisfactory performance, HT-21 is for you.


JVC is a well-renowned name in the field of electronics goods manufacturer. For audiophiles, they have quite a lot of products that can satisfy their appetite without hurting their monthly budgets and HA-RX700 is one of them. This baby is one of the best budget headphones (if not THE BEST) you’ll ever find. Excellent audio output, impressive built and very comfy design make it an ideal choice. And with an irresistible price tag, HA-RX700 is too hard to ignore.

Sennheiser HD 202 II

It’s impossible to even think that a list of high quality budget headphones wouldn’t have a product or two from German Juggernaut i.e. Sennheiser. So there you have it, say hello to HD 202 II Professional Headphones. There is nothing to say about except that they are an excellent choice for average users as well as for those who are expecting a bit more from their budget headphones.

Panasonic RP-HT21 

RP-HT21 headphones by Panasonic can be considered as “supreme” budget headphones. These headphones are for those who are in a habit of breaking or misplacing their headsets frequently. Though HT21 headphones have a decent audio output; however, their durability is something that may disappoint you. But quite frankly, RP-HT21 is one of the top deals that you’ll get in 5 bucks. So if you are looking for something that can do a decent job for a short period of time, try HT21.

Behringer HPS3000 

Last but not least, HPS3000 headphone by Behringer is another good choice if you are looking for a decent budget headphone. Reasonable price tag, quality sound output, comfy design and stylish outlook; these headphones can be the “one”.

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