N4G.com Facing Numerous Issues

N4G.com, one of the most popular video games news site, is crawling with a number of bugs that is crippling the overall process of submission approval. For the time being, various users have reported that they can’t approve a submission, can’t check the “fixed” box when they fix a report on their submission, and can’t open the popularity box of a website.

This is the error that users get when they try to approve a story

The same is the case with n4g sister website, techspy.com. HAVAmedia needs to address these issues as early as possible as they are seriously hampering the sites’ functionality. We’ll update you as these issues get fixed and advise that users should not submit a story for the time being.

Update #1:

Accroding to official statement, site admins are trying to fix the issues; however, they can't give an ETA when the issues will be resolved.

Update #2:

All the issues have been resolved. You can now submit, approve and fix reports without any hassle.

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