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Let’s say you are a hardcore gamer. You live and breathe video games and have the best weapons in your arsenal that give you an edge over your opponents. You have one of the best and most expensive gaming mice at your disposal, but somehow, it is not performing up to its mark. Before you decide to get rid of the “useless piece of junk”, try considering investing some bucks in a good quality gaming mouse pad. Maybe that’s what you really need to exterminate the demons that have surrounded your precious little mouse. Seriously though, a good gaming mouse-pad can really improve your overall gaming experience so try saying no to pizza for couple of days and get a gaming mouse-pad.

So let’s cut the chase and check out some of the best gaming mouse-pads.

SteelSeries Qck Heavy Gaming Mouse Pad

SteelSeries is a big name when it comes to gaming accessories, peripherals and products. The Danish manufacturer knows exactly the requirements of a modern gamer. So when it comes to gaming mouse pads, their QcK Heavy Gaming Mouse Pad is one of the best you can get. The best thing about it is that it is heavy and is of large size. You can practically rest your forearm and still will have more than enough space to freely use your mouse without any hassle. And since it is heavy, you are ensured that it will not move from its place during crunch moments because we all do crazy things when we are in do-or-die situation while playing our favorite games.

However, price tag is a definite problem. Though this pad is worth every buck, you can get a decent budget gaming mouse in the price but hey, a mouse can’t do the job of a mouse-pad.

Razer Goliathus Omega S Gaming Mouse Pad

If you are a Razer junkie and are looking for a mouse pad that has Razer logo printed on it; don’t worry. Razer has some exceptional pads tailored according to gamers’ requirements and Goliathus Omega S is one of them. Rubber base for solid grip on smooth surfaces, anti-fraying stitched frame for maximum durability, pixel precise targeting, and available in four different sizes. So if you have 15 bucks, get it; you won’t regret your decision.

Mionix Propus 380 Mouse Pad

Mionix is a relatively new kid in the gaming arena but is getting quite popular due to its different thinking. For those who are willing to spend some bucks and want a top-tier gaming mouse-pad, try Propus 380. Those who can’t compromise on quality as well as on looks will find it one of the best in business. The bottom is made of rubber for better grip on somewhat slippery surfaces like polished table, etc. The top side is made of PVC plastic with silver metallic plastic coating for optimal tracking. There is nothing but a small logo printed on the side of the pad so if you are one of those who are fond of having designs printed on their mouse-pads, consider some other options. Overall, the pad has a sturdy built and durability will not be an issue.

Only thing that you have to take care of is the price tag. The pad costs you about $25 but if you willing to spend some money on a gaming mouse, you should optimize its performance by pairing it with a decent gaming mouse and Propus 380 is way above decent.

Corsair Vengeance MM200 Gaming Mouse Mat

Corsair released two gaming mouse pads couple of months ago; one was Vengeance MM400 and the other was Vengeance MM200. While both have been crafted after a series of experiments and careful analysis; the one we are recommending is Vengeance MM200.

The pad has been equipped with cloth-surface which is somewhat disliked by users as using a mouse on cloth-surface mouse pad is, to some extent, difficult and it also attract dirt and dust. However, Corsair knew these issues so you don’t have to worry about either of these issues. You will be able to have a smooth mouse tracking without any hassle. With non-slip rubber base, the pad will hold its position on smooth surfaces even during crunch times (in your favorite games). The pad comes in four different sizes which are

Compact Edition: 265mm x 210mm
Standard Edition: 360mm x 300mm
Wide Edition: 430mm x 280mm
XL Edition: 450mm x 375mm

So if Corsair is your preferred choice, Vengeance MM200 is the perfect option.

XTrac Ripper XXL Gaming Mouse Mat

XTrac believes that Ripper XXL is, perhaps, the biggest mouse mat in the world. And boy, they are not kidding at all. It should be called a desk-pad rather than just a mouse-pad. You can put your keyboard on it and still you’ll have more than enough space to have a hassle-free mouse gliding.

The pad has a non-slip rubber backing for solid grip on smooth surfaces, just like any good quality mouse pad. The biggest issue with this pad is that it is a dust/dirt magnet. However, it is easy to clean; just get a damp cloth, wipe it clean and you’re all set. Heck, you can even throw it in washing machine as it is a soft-surface pad but do it at your own risk. :)

So those who are looking for a pad that never runs out of space, try it. With dimensions 36"w x 18"h x 1/8" (914mm x 457mm), I hope you’ll never complain ever again.

Cyber Snipa Tracer Mouse Pad

Tracer Mouse Pad by Cyber Snipa has all the common ingredients that all good gaming mouse-pads have so you might wonder why one should get a pad from a company that is not as well-renowned as, lets say, SteelSeries or Razer and which also costs about 24 bucks. The answer is: LEDs.

The boundary of CS Tracer is covered by blue LEDs that come in handy if you are in a dark room as you’ll always know where the boundaries of you mouse pad are. You can adjust the brightness by the dimmer dial, located on the USB cable, according to your requirements. With dimensions of 305 x 230 x 5mm, this pad is an average sized surface and can be carried easily if you are going for a LAN party.

Bottom line: this pad is perfect for your needs. Get it; you won’t regret it.

Roccat Alumic Double-Sided Gaming Mouse Pad

The Alumic Double-Sided gaming mouse pad by Roccat is probably the best mouse-pad that offers two different surface structures. One side bears a colored Roccat logo and the surface feels silky smooth. It is for those who prefer going to the battlefield with lower mouse-dpi settings. The other side has black & white Roccat logo and the surface is somewhat rough in nature. It is for those who prefer high DPI sensitivity.

With four integrated rubber-pads around the corner, Alumic stays firm where you put it. This can be quite handy on slippery surfaces such as on glass, marble, etc. The pad is also equipped with wrist-rest for long gaming sessions.

The major issue with this gaming mouse pad is its price tag. It costs about $40 which is quite expensive. But quality does have its price so if you think 40 bucks is not an issue, go for it.

Razer Scarab Gaming Mouse Mat

Scarab gaming mouse pad is another solid product from Razer, carefully crafted to meet gamers’ requirements. It is one of those gaming mouse mats that are doused with Razer Fractal 2.0 coating, so that you can have uniformity between speed vs. control. The back of this mouse pad is made of rubber so that it can stick on smooth surfaces (just like any other decent gaming mouse mat).

The pad comes along with a carrying case which will come in handy when you decide to take it to LAN parties. The case will help in protecting the pad’s fractal 2.0 surface.

The only issue with Scarab is its hilarious price tag (just like Roccat Alumic). If you want to get it, you’re gonna need $40.

Funk Industries Surface 1030 Mouse pad

Here is a terrific mouse pad from somewhat an unknown manufacturer with a reasonable price tag. It is one of those mouse pads that come with dual-sided mouse surface i.e. it has two different surfaces with different properties; the one being smooth and the other being rough.

The pad is equipped with a metal clip that will keep the mouse cable out of the way. This is quite helpful as no one wants a mere cable ruining the show during crunch times. There are six positions at which you can attach the clip.

Overall, the product is highly recommended considering the fact that it wears a decent price tag too.


How many times you had to quit playing just because of the sore wrist that you got thanks to the rough edge of your desk? Well worry no more; say hello to XFX WarPad, one of the best gaming mouse pads available with a unique concept.

XFX WarPad comes with its unique feature of edgeless support system (patent pending) which lets you clamp this pad to the edge of your desk. This achieves two things; first, it keeps the pad where it is and second, it protects your wrist and forearm from the rough edge of your desk.

The pad is admirably big and you’ll never run out of space for your mouse. Unfortunately, there are couple of issues that mar this great product. It costs you almost $50 at which price you can purchase a decent gaming mouse (well I know they are totally different things but just saying) so the first issue is the price tag. The second one is that over the time, bubbles appear under the surface which makes this pad somewhat unusable. Though it is not necessary that the problem will happen with your pad, there are more than few reports that complain of the same problem.

Anyway, aside from the issues mentioned above, this product is one of the best in business.

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